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We guarantee that every transaction you make at this site will be safe and secure. Under federal law, a credit card issuer cannot make you liable for charges that exceed $50.00 as a result of unauthorized use of your credit card. There are similar federal laws in place for debit cards. However, you still must comply with all the rules and regulations specific to your credit card or debit card provider, and notify them immediately if you feel a fraudulent purchase has been made using your card(s).

Ultra-Secure Encryption Technology:

Camellia-256 High-grade encryption protects all data transmissions made through our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) web-pages. Information submitted through our https:// pages cannot be viewed or intercepted as it transmits to us. We have taken additional steps to make sure that your credit card information is not stored as a cookie (or in any other fashion) on our server or your computer.

You can confirm that our SSL certificate (for is valid by inspecting it through your browser (see your user manual and/or help section for your operating system). We've taken all precautions necessary to guarantee your security and privacy when ordering from us. We assure you that shopping on our site with your credit card is safe.

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