Education Opens up the Mind

At Spatial Media, we believe that forward-thinking organizations can do a better job of making their communities and industries more accessible through online training and certification.

Technologies We Advocate

We develop and deploy

Modern eLearning Workflows

Since 2004, the team at Spatial Media has overseen the development of a wide variety of online learning initiatives spanning certification program development, corporate training installations, continuing education partnerships and more. Our team of specialists thrive at the nexus of eLearning, curriculum and content development.

Curriculum, content and eLearning expertise

Why Spatial Media?

Coming from a publishing and content production background, we’ve learned a thing or two about online learning deployments. While anyone can deploy a Learning Management System, the strategic manner in which learning content creation and curriculum development is approached will ultimately determine the success of the venture, especially for learners.

Industry Expertise

Developing a quality online learning program is no small task. Our team of experts engage on nearly every Spatial Media project.

Online Engagement

Remote education offers unparalleled call-to-action and connectivity opportunities that can ultimately open industries.

Professional Certification

We specialize in the development and support of certification-based programs, a premier solution to numerous obstacles.