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We’ve simplified online learning deployments to the maximum extent, beginning with the engagement process.

Development options designed with flexibility

...for your community.

We generally work with clients via one of three ways: implementation consulting (including market research and presentation of learning management options); eLearning platform licensing and/or development of custom systems.


Our group is well-versed with a range of leading Learning Management Systems (LMS). Each partnership begins with LMS review and selection.


Modern learners expect a successful experience that requires a professionally developed curriculum and content creation roadmap.


This is where our legacy media experience comes in to play. We connect curriculum and content creation teams for our clients and partners.

Supporting a variety of engagements

Our team can help you develop a successful eLearning program strategy

Consulting Services

Established fee

Platform Licensing

Annual fee

Custom Development


Got Questions?


We encounter many of the same questions and have developed a process for quickly determining development routes for even the toughest projects.

Yes. Our team is well versed in all major learning management systems and will present retainment, conversion and succession options as part of an initial consultation.

Custom development without the cost. Organizations in need of a training or certification solution without the ability to purchase a system outright should consider platform licensing.

Absolutely, although conversion programs can only do so much. We often recommend and arrange the employ of a native speaker for non-English implementations.

Every collaboration starts with market research and consultation of some kind. After reviewing your goals, our group will initiate an exhaustive review of your market sector and LMS options.

Absolutely. We’ve developed numerous eLearning communities since 2004 and can share active examples of working deployments as part of our consultation and engagement.

A frequently overlooked development concern is compliance with legislation and standards for internet users with disabilities. Our systems employ ADA compliance routines and checkers.