Our Mission

At Spatial Media, we believe that forward-thinking organizations can do a better job of making their communities and industries more accessible through online training and certification.

eLearning = Access

Modern eLearning solutions present a revolutionary opportunity to engage the workforce. Our group deploys learning management systems and implementation strategies through a process we refer to as the Spatial CORE approach.

Certification Oriented Remote Education (CORE)

Developing a quality online learning program is no small task! Through real-world experience, our group of content, software and curriculum development experts has developed a regimented, results-oriented approach that can aid your organization’s eLearning venture. Open your community or industry today.

Allen E. Cheves
Founder & CEO

Why Spatial Media?

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Since 2004, we’ve developed numerous eLearning communities utilizing a range of learning management tools. During this time, we’ve repeatedly seen that remote education offers unparalleled call-to-action and connectivity opportunities… Our Spatial CORE method will allow your group to utilize what has worked for others while avoiding what hasn’t. 

Utilize our Best Practice Checklist

We can help you build a curriculum plan that maximizes use of "open" content and other resources.

Develop Tomorrow's Curriculum Today

A tremendous amount of material is available for use and placement. Streamline the licensing process.

Focus = Professional Certification (CORE)

Utilize Spatial Media's time-tested Certification Oriented Remote Education (CORE) approach.